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Q&A session about ‘guiding principles’ presentations

During the Coffee and Coffers event, we shared four guiding principles that Amos Australia uses to shape the way we handle the finances entrusted to us in our Australian and international programs.  You can listen to those presentations here.  This is a recording of the Q&A session that followed, where people asked about things like how we handle corruption, set staff wages and whether Indonesia receiving 'middle-income country' status changes anything for us.  

Four guiding principles that shape Amos Australia’s approach to funding

This is the first portion of our 'Coffee and Coffers' event, where we share four principles that guide our approach to the funding entrusted to us, and outline a few ways that they shape our Australian and international programs.  Daniel closes the episode with a presentation of our budgets for FYE2021 and FYE2022.

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